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3VIDEO is a place to customize the digital invitation video and card for party events. we do not have any Physical products. All the videos invitation and card is delivered by email or Whatsapp.

Delivery Policy

We Deliver the video as per customer request as we have three options to deliver your video, standard, express delivery and super express delivery. Standard is free delivery which takes 24 hours to deliver the video, Express delivery is paid delivery which takes up to 6 hours to deliver the video and super express delivery  takes 3 hours to deliver the video to customer via email or whatsapp. You can choose any one of the options at a time of filling the information from. If we are not able to deliver the video within the given time so the delivery charge will be refunded.

Please feel free to call us any time, we are always ready to help you to customize your invitation video.

You can also contact us for a personalized video.

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